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About us

We are a reputable law firm in Tampa, Florida with many years of experience.

Our clients

We been participating in different legal cases, and our clients are both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our strength

All our lawyers have a unique educational background, top training and expertise.

Our Services

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Business law

Business law

Our lawyers are highly skilled and educated professional who take a good care of their clients. Whether you are plaintiff or defendant, we will represent in any legal issues connected with business law. Considering this matter, our rate of success is high.

Immigration law

Immigration law

Having in mind that many people come to U.S. without all necessary paperwork, risking their stay here and awaiting deportation at any moment. Our legal firm is ready to represent you in any case against the government and help you collect all the necessary paperwork.

Negligence death claim

Negligence death claim

Considering that this is a broad legal area, from assault and battery, personal injuries, construction defects, defective products to medical malpractice, inadequate security and nursing homes. Our legal firm has a right set of skills which can help you at any moment.

Free counseling

Free counseling

All our future clients can schedule a meeting with us and determine where our services are right for them. We will present you our plan of work and tell you the best way how to deal your case.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the best legal firms in Florida. We let our actions speak instead of us because we don’t like false promises. Our company in one of the leading in this field, with a lot of dedicated professionals who put your interests in the first place. To repay the trust you are putting into us, each month we take two pro bono cases, to help those who are in need.

Our Advantages


First thing clients will look is the experience you have in some business. For many years now, our legal firm has represented more than 1,000 clients, battling different cases. We can assure you that we are the best choice for you, resolving your case in your advantage.


We are the team of professionals that always put clients’ needs in the first place.  Our every case is resolved, and we have more than 98% of positive outcomes. Our legal firm will provide you professional help with a lot of dedication to each case.

Highly trained personnel

Our legal practice has more than 15 lawyers trained in various positions. The have graduated from top law schools and universities. By having the necessary training and experience, they will be able to assist you in any legal situation.

Trustful and reliable service

We take into consideration each case which has been presented to us. Our legal firm wants to provide you proper legal help and to ensure that you have enough trust in us. Considering we are you, legal representatives, we will tell how to make the right decisions.