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Protect yourself – hire best legal practice in Tampa, Florida

We are a multi-oriented legal firm with offices based in Tampa, Florida. Our legal practice is oriented in meeting domestic and international needs of our clients. With a global approach to law, the clients who visit our offices, aren’t only the resident of U.S. but private individuals around the world who encounter some legal issues while staying in U.S.

Jeremy Stone founded this firm 17 years ago, and since then we have evolved and became of the most important legal practices in this part of U.S. Many people in Florida rely on our services, and this is one of the reasons why respect us. Currently, we employ 15 lawyers, practicing law in different areas.

Our goal is the success of our clients; we want to ensure the positive outcome of your every case, having in mind how important is that for clients. The satisfied client is the best reference for us. To achieve that goal, we are looking forward to work with you and presenting you our skills and knowledge.

Considering we engage in business and immigration law and negligence and wrongful death claim, clients have at their disposal to choose the best lawyers from our legal firm.


Tampa, Florida