The definition of Immigration Law

Immigration law deals with the issues of controlling the immigration and deportation of people and citizenship. In other words, immigration law is a set of rules for determining who is allowed to enter a country, for how long and when they must leave. If a foreigner enters a country illegally or stays longer than permitted, immigration law deals with detention and deportation proceedings. As for the citizens of a particular country, this is regulated by international law. International law states that every country has to permit entry to its citizens. The most common types of migrant are people who seek asylum or people who migrate for economic reasons.

Immigrant Visas in the USA

Visa in the USA

Immigration law differs from country to country so thorough and detailed information is recommended and required before taking any action. For example, visas in the United States of America can be divided into two categories: immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Most non-immigrant visas are issued for work purposes, and one usually has to have an employment offer from a USA employer. Immigrant visas allow a person to stay in the USA and eventually apply for citizenship.

Other categories of visas involve tourist, student or family visas. Foreigners who have family relationships with permanent residents or have and employment offer take priority over those who don’t have any of the stated requirements.

Immigrant Visas in the UK

UK Immigrant

The UK is one of the most popular and desired countries in the world for living and working purposes. The UK immigration system is strict and comprises of a stringent set of rules one must adhere to. The UK five-tier visa system consists of five categories and covers work, study and investment visas. Other categories that are not included in the five-tier system are family visas, business visas, and visitor visas.

Visitor Visas

This type of visas is required if you are planning to stay in the UK for a short period. It can include leisure activities or travel through the country.

Family Visas

This type of visas is required if you want to join your family or bring your family to the UK from another country.

Business Visas

Business visas permit people to enter the UK for a short period to take part in or represent their own business.

Immigration Programs in Canada

Canada has one of the most successful and generous immigration programs in the world. These programs help foreign citizens integrate into Canadian society and lifestyle as successfully as possible. They also provide safety for immigrants and refugees. At this moment, there are over 60 programs that ensure successful immigration to Canada. These programs include the Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker Programs, the Province Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Self-Employed Program. There are also varieties of Family Class Sponsorship programs where citizens and permanent residents sponsor family member’s immigration to Canada. Whether you want to work or study, one of these programs can help you immigrate in search of a better life and integrate successfully into Canadian society.