Police Make Arrest After Hit-and-Run Accident

Investigators from the Florida Highways Patrol are still trying to uncover the details of a recent hit-and-run accident in Tampa. Video footage taken from a cell phone shows a silver car that seems to be intentionally running down two motorcycle riders. The crash happened on County Line Road and US 41. Abe Garcia managed to catch the wild moment on video. He said the motorcycle driver had confronted the car’s driver for cutting him off moments earlier.

“The guy driving the car was driving recklessly, like crazy out of control,” Garcia explained. “I saw him almost run one of the bikers over, like off the side of the road. So, then the bikers caught up to him at a red light and words started exchanging, and then the guy went complete psychopath.”

Florida Highway PatrolGarcia said the driver then intentionally tried to run over the man and woman on the motorcycle. “The guy tried to kill them. It was a red light and then it turned green. He could’ve just gone straight, but he went for the biker.”

Florida Highway Patrol soon arrested the car’s driver, 31-year-old Robert Vance. They caught him just minutes after the incident, recognizing damage on his car that matched up with the hit-and-run crash. Officers said that the bikers were transported to the hospital with injuries, but both are expected to fully recover.

Public record reveals that Vance has a long history of problems with the law. He has a long list of traffic related offenses along with multiple arrests for violence and drugs. Now he is facing new charges for aggravated battery and leaving the scene of a crash. When confronted by police, Vance openly admitted that he hit the victims and then fled the scene.

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