How to choose a lawyer in Florida?

Considering how much information we can gather during the day, choosing the right lawyer should be easy, right? But, with the all the help of technology and the internet, this choice has never been harder. We no longer have to rely on the radio or ads to choose the best because everything is one click away. How we are supposed to know if the first lawyer who appears online is the best, just because his website popped up the first. What information should you look for before determining the best lawyer who will suit your needs? We have gathered several of them for you, and we hope that you will find them useful.

Research the Florida Bar

Florida Bar

Florida Bar should be your starting point if you want to check lawyer before hiring him. Just visit their website and use the tool “Find a Lawyer.” Here you can verify all information regarding one lawyer, his name, address, phone number, and credentials. This research tool is a very useful solution for many people out there who are struggling to find a proper legal representative. Considering that competition on the market is high, sometimes you can make a mistake and hire a person who is not competent enough.

Call the lawyer office

lawyer office

When contacting lawyer office, ensure that staff is friendly and accommodating. Schedule an appointment so you can see in person with who are you dealing with and will he be the right choice for you? If any lawyer is too busy to make an appointment with you at the beginning, you need to be aware that he will probably be busy when the moment comes to represent you and to go over your case. This procedure should be avoided right on the start. Don’t hire this types of lawyers, no matter how good may seem to be because they will do you more damage than good.

Reputation is important

If one lawyer has a good name and his clients recognize his achievements, then you should consider of hiring him. Before hiring his services, you should ask around, for example, how many clients did he have, how many of his cases had a positive outcome, is he welcoming and polite? Don’t exclude the possibility that someone you may know has already worked with him.

Check his discipline history

You can find this information also at Florida Bar website. Once you type the lawyers name, scroll down until you see ten-year discipline history. The word “none” will appear to the right of the name if there is no discipline history and the word yes if there is a discipline history. The link will appear which will lead you to documents and additional information.